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            Welcome to the official website of Qingdao Aorui Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.,E-mail:info@aoruisuji.com

            Service value provider in the manufacturing
            industry of plastic machine equipment

            (86) 532-8228 1838

            Service Support

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            Service Support

            The company can conduct various technical guidance and business consulting according to the needs of customers, and provide relevant information for customers' reference. Customers can visit the company for guidance. Our company is willing to provide all convenient conditions for customers.

            After the two parties signed the contract, before the delivery, the company can design the installation drawings for the water, electricity, gas and foundation of the equipment according to the customer's requirements and actual conditions, and provide a detailed purchase list and supporting manufacturers for customer reference.

            After the equipment arrives at the user, the service personnel perform installation, commissioning, personnel training, and technology handover within the specified time required by the customer until the user can operate independently and produce a qualified product, with the intention to serve forever. customer service:

            (1) "Three Guarantees" for product quality. During the “Three Guarantees” period, the company is responsible for free repairs or replacements for failures and damages (excluding wearing parts) that occur due to normal use.

            (2) Within 24 hours after receiving the notification from the user within the warranty period, if there is a quality problem, please reply by phone or fax, or send a maintenance person to complete the maintenance within the time limit, and do the following: “The failure is not ruled out and not withdrawn”.

            (3) After the warranty period, provide quality services and accessories.

            Equipment production

            Our company has a complete range of processing equipment; has a machining center for processing precision parts of the key parts of the product; has a skilled technical staff and installation team with rich practical experience.

            Guarantee measures:

            1. The product is designed by experienced engineers and reviewed by design drawings experts to ensure the design quality;

            2. Products will never be subcontracted to third parties for production;

            3. About the product's parts:

            By the design, quality inspection personnel set up a special quality supervision team to ensure the quality of manufacturing;

            For large-scale equipment, after the equipment is manufactured, the user performs the factory's initial acceptance of each functional part of the product, and it will be delivered after passing the inspection.

            To ensure the spare parts supply to the manufactured products

            Qingdao Aorui Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

            CONTACT US

            Contact Us

            Address:west side of bozhou road and luzhou road interchange,zhongyun the first industrial park,jiaozhou

            Tel:0086+532-82281838 Phone:0086+150 9224 6167




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            You are welcome to contact us through the following contact.
            We sincerely welcome you to call us for consultation.。

            Address:west side of bozhou road and luzhou road interchange,zhongyun the first industrial park,jiaozhou

            Tel:0532-82281838 Phone:150 9224 6167




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